with Passion
Our incredible Fruitico family all want one thing
– to simply grow the most outstanding grapes in Australia.
In 2016, the fruitful partnership between Fruitico and Fresh Produce Group began. This stemmed from a shared passion and understanding of the importance that new varieties and intellectual property play in helping us to grow the most delicious, world-class grapes right here in Australia.

Our Farmers

Our passionate farmers are part of our family and are constantly working on improving the land to produce the best grapes possible. They pay careful attention to every process, including picking and packaging, which is all done by hand. Every season they ensure the delivery of the freshest and most flavoursome grapes, straight to your table.
Roger and Liz Fahl have been farming table grapes in Western Australia for over 20 years having gained a reputation as a premium table grape grower. In 2016 a partnership was formed with Fresh Produce Group Western Australia – Ben Tanner and Robert Nugan, born out of a vision to grow outstanding table grapes.
The focus was to grow outstanding red, green and black seedless table grape varieties. The selection of superior IP varieties has achieved this vision. These new varieties have all the delicious attributes that consumers want from table grapes – flavour, sweetness and crunch.
Their vision and relentless drive and passion for innovation has resulted in many new and delicious table grape varieties that are enjoyed in Western Australia, wider Australia and now beyond into Asia.